Environmental profile

Environmental profile

Everyone must feel confident about the origin and quality of WebDeal's services.

WebDeal is committed to sound, long-term, sustainable operations in which its responsibility for its employees, society at large and the environment is a key element.

Therefore, we make active efforts to:

  • Continuously improve our ability to reduce our consumption of energy.
  • Identify and evaluate the negative environmental impacts for which we are responsible, and reduce them by providing long-term, effective solutions.
  • Ensure that the environmental aspects are taken into account when choosing our suppliers.

In everyday life we actively follow these guidelines:

  • Recycling of office waste with Veolia Miljø
  • Recycling of electronic components with Elretur AS
  • Purchasing office electricity generated from waterenergy, provided by Eidsiva Energi
  • Co-working with companies that have environmentally friendly profiles, such as IBM


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